Staying In Ethiopia Hotels

If you are looking to stay in one of the Ethiopia hotels, you will need to look in their major cities. Addis Ababa and Gondar feature the best variety of hotels for the country in Africa, allowing tourists and visitors to stay in relative comfort. Many visitors head to Ethiopia to check out the large landscapes and artifacts that are spread around it, taking note of the old ruins and structures that were built by Arabs in the early time of the world. There are lots of Arab-influenced structures throughout Ethiopia that you can see, including plenty of towers and walls with the influence of Arabian construction spread throughout. Staying in Ethiopia hotels will give you a heads up as to what to see.


There is also a lot of scenery including several wild animals to see when you are there. Your guide to Ethiopia hotels will also feature advice on how to locate the wild animals you may be interested in seeing, including lions and hippos in their natural habitat. This type of enchanting surrounding is what brings a lot of people to Ethiopia, despite the nation being fairly stricken with poverty and despair. There are also lots of wild rivers that flow recklessly through the land and create a wonderful site for tourists and visitors to see.


The Enchantment Of Ethiopia

The tourist infrastructure is building slowly from the border war with Eritrea, but most of the country is still desperately poor and filled with despair. This is hard on a lot of visitors and creates a strange enchantment with Ethiopia that many people find too hard to take. Some people cannot fathom staying in the fine Ethiopia hotels while people outside the city borders of Addis Ababa starve or go hungry without shelter. The reality of the country can often make it difficult to visit with the desire for a vacation, but it can also be an eye-opening experience that many people will benefit from.


Staying in Ethiopia hotels can be a stressful way to spend time for some people as a lot of the attractions come with lots of flies, smells, and beggars. This can be hard to take for some people while others are more capable of melting into the culture and learning from it while appreciating what the country has to offer. It can be breathtakingly beautiful and terrifyingly awful at the same time; it is hard to tune out the despair for many people on your way to Ethiopia hotels.